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…was founded with the realization that most business owners started a business because they found something that they are passionate about, not necessarily because they wanted to run a business.  We help business owners focus on their passion while bringing a team of vetted professionals to help with the rest.  We can work with your own trusted professionals or enlist the services of our vetted professionals.  Let us get to know you so that we can help you focus on what you are passionate about and we can handle the rest.  Let’s walk together before we run.


We exist to be the one source for entrepreneurial business owners to get their questions answered with empathy by a trusted board of advisers with experience and expertise.


To be your loyal resource firm bringing a team of experts for value building and exit planning in the region.

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Learning lessons the hard way is truly overrated. Would having a trusted board of advisers who have your success in mind make your lessons easier? We’ve been there, we’ve learned the hard lessons so that you don’t have to. A great idea can turn into an amazing company. Let us help you get there.


You’ve done a great job building a company that makes you proud. Will you be able to use the same tactics you used to start your company to grow your company to the next level? Take our Value Builder Assessment and schedule an appointment. Let’s start the conversation to get your company to the next level.



As great as building your company has been, it is time to find out what the next phase of your life holds in store. Many business owners want to continue working a couple of days a week in the next phase of their life. Have you prepared your company so that you can maximize your options? Do you want or need to sell the company, or do you want to act as a consultant to the company? Let us help you move into the next phase of your life with the most possible options.

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Value Building

Three Bears Consulting uses the Value Builder System which is a statistically proven methodology to increase the value of your company.

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Top 10 Deal Pitfalls

Top 10 Deal Pitfalls

This white paper describes 10 deal pitfalls (in no particular order) that each have the capability to derail a deal, some more effectively than others.

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Leaving Your Business is Inevitable

Leaving Your Business is Inevitable

Owners begin thinking about the Exit Planning Process when two streams of thought begin to converge. The first stream is a feeling that they want to do something besides go to work every day…

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